Max Smith

Meet the Team – Max Smith, the Service Director

"We are on our way to becoming the best service company in Australia"

This time we present to you another very important member of our team – Max Smith. He works closely with contractors and franchisees and has a lot to say to future ones. So if you consider working with us, read the advice coming straight from the source:


Interviewer: Hello, Max, can you introduce yourself to our readers? What do you do in the company?

Max: Absolutely! I am glad to introduce myself. I am head of Business Development, Service Development and Franchise Consulting Dept. Our main mission is to become the best service company in Australia. We have huge experience in that business sector and we proved it in Melbourne, Sydney and other big cities around the world.

We are developing each specific business (cleaning, gardening, pest control, handyman and all the rest of the services from our portfolio) and make them beneficial for our franchisees. We are interviewing the right franchise candidates, consult them about the most suitable franchise package suiting them, provide business strategy and return on investment planning. Once we and the potential franchisee agree on working together we move forward to Franchise Consulting (FC). FC Dept starts consulting our franchisees once we start filling our franchisees’ schedule with confirmed jobs. Our franchisees are the face of Fantastic Services Group so that is why we developed induction training and ongoing ones for all new franchisees. We schedule monthly franchisee meetings, team buildings during the year as well as a Yearly Business Planner.


What is the hardest part of your work?

We are a strong team so everyone is helping when hard tasks need to be accomplished. We do everything with a passion so we strive to make everything run smoothly and as easy as possible.


What keeps you going?

My list of things that keep me going is huge. I will just mention some of them like:

  • We create services people love
  • We make life more simple
  • We think ahead, but do it now
  • We work with passion
  • We think one team
  • We lead by example and leave a legacy
  • We are on our way to becoming the best service company in Australia.


What makes Fantastic Services Group different from other franchise companies?

Here the list of being Fantastic Services Group’ franchisee is huge again. I will mention just some of them.

  • A business plan that we provide to every franchisee
  • Return on investment planning
  • Flexible franchise packages
  • Transparency in all business aspects
  • Affordable initial investment
  • Growth and development planning
  • Referral program (when recommending a franchisee or open another franchise team)
  • Customer Service department – We supply them with booked and confirmed jobs
  • Dedicated Franchise Consultant
  • Incentives for return clients, cross-sells, up sells (we stimulate our franchisees’ good performance)
  • Variable commission – better performance means better commission.


What is the most common mistake of new franchisees?

Well, in general, every person is different by nature. Which means that every person is taking different decisions. Many of these decisions are leading to mistakes. And here Fantastic Services Group comes with our experience, know-how, strategic thinking and consulting our franchisees into the right direction of how to manage their own business, how to take the right decisions and minimum required standards to run a profitable franchise.


Which people are the easiest to work with?

It is always easy to work with motivated, professional and experienced people. I am so happy that all my colleagues in Fantastic Services Group have all of these three qualities which make the whole business run smoothly. The combination of the professional development team and the right franchisees that work with us make our clients become regular customers and here is how the whole business grow.


What advice can you give to future franchisees?

Think ahead but do it now. I will give an example: imagine you own your business (but you are not part of Fantastic Services yet). To run your own business you should hire staffs to deal with the sales calls, office assistant to arrange all documents, customer care representative to deal with complaints, scheduling of your jobs for your daily schedule, advertisement of your business, marketing strategy, IT development of your website, finance – invoicing the clients and the list goes on.

Now, imagine that you are part of Fantastic Services Group, you have just signed the franchise agreement with us. What you need to do is simple: – Simply check your schedule for the next day at 6:00 PM on the previous day – make clients happy, provide quality service – check your return of investment easily by asking our franchise consultants for it. We will do the rest for you (Sales, Marketing, IT, Customer service, Business and Service development, SEO, Franchise consulting and a lot more!). We will also precisely calculate the return on your investment. It is simple, isn’t it?


Do you have any final thoughts?

We are here for the long run. We work with passion. We work with a proven business plan.

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