Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What does the Franchise include?

    The Franchise includes the following: work guarantee, 1000 free marketing materials, 5 free T-shirts, bonuses, product discounts, basic products and all tools that don't require electricity, equipment on lease, full training, loyalty commission, scheduling, cancellation fee, monthly awards, help with hiring, quality reports and many other benefits.
  • 2. What does the Franchise cost NOT include?

    The Franchise does not cover the purchase of the required vehicle and professional equipment needed for the service.
  • 3. What does the Franchise cost?

    It depends on the services you choose, your experience, the services you wish to do, size of team and number of days you wish to get work for. We have very affordable options for car and equipment on rent that require no upfront fee. If you contact us we'll give you a personalised quote.
  • 4. Are there any ongoing fees/royalties?

    We don’t have any ongoing legal or accountant fees. Once you start working with us, you won’t be required to pay outside the commission we organise for you.
  • 5. What are the conditions to start a business with Fantastic Services?

    To have an appropriate vehicle, equipment and be registered under the correct type of business.
  • 6. What is the minimum number of people for building up a team?

    It depends on the type of services you provide. 1-2 is the minimum – two people for one-off services, one for everything else. You can be the franchisee and the only cleaner/gardener/handyman/etc.
  • 7. What support and training do you provide?

    You'll get direct assistance from us, including access to PDF guides and YouTube training videos. We'll assign you a Quality Control Supervisor. He/She will help you purchase the equipment you'll need and show you how to use it. We'll teach you basic customer care skills, which will make the client happy – therefore getting a bonus. There is training for ongoing professional development - it's called Fantastic Academy. English courses are included.
  • 8. What extra equipment will I need to start the business?

    Each category has its own requirements. When you become a partner you'll receive a guide called Minimum Quality Standards (MQS). It provides step-by-step information about the service's procedure, as well as a list of all the equipment, tools or chemicals needed. Where possible, the list provides links to where these could be purchased.
  • 9. What does the day-to-day running of the business include?

    The preparation starts in the evening before your workday. You check your schedule and make sure you have everything ready for the morning. On the day of the service, you are required to show up on all arranged appointments in a uniform with your team, vehicle and equipment and provide the service as confirmed and inform us of any changes. At the end of each service, you help the client fill in a review or just leave the marketing materials. There are typically 2 or 3 appointments per day, so it's important to learn to manage your time, keep the clients informed of delays and advise the office if the service parameters change. We expect you to submit photos from time to time, as well as collect the payment when clients choose to pay in cash.
  • 10. Who can I contact on a daily basis?

    Our office provides you with full support with any issues that may arise in any aspect of your work. For immediate assistance with ongoing appointments, you should call our Support team. They will take immediate care of any issue you are having and resolve it most efficiently. In cases of emergency, we can organise additional help from other partners of ours or our Quality Control Supervisors and officers. In addition, we have a Service Development team who will help you expand your business faster and can be contacted at any time.
  • 11. How long until I see a return on my initial investment?

    That depends entirely on your performance. You'll see that the better service you deliver, the more jobs you get allocated. Hard work always pays off. But on average, it takes somewhere between three to six months for you to see a return on your investment.
  • 12. Will I work in only one area of the city?

    Our business model makes that old practice unnecessary. It’s our job as a service to your business to organise your schedule of work by taking account your availability, travel preferences and of course client requirements.
  • 13. Should I create my own website to promote my business online?

    We do that for you. The initial investment you are making is applied to ensure that you will be getting a more than sufficient amount of work on your schedule for years to come through our already established and cutting edge network. This way the only thing you need to focus on is your dedication to the quality of the service you provide and customer satisfaction.
  • 14. Will there be a marketing campaign in my area to help me launch my business?

    Absolutely. We provide a variety of online and offline marketing activities. This is part of our Franchise start-up package. The advantage of our Franchise businesses is in our ability to generate leads organically in the long run.
  • 15. Can you guarantee a minimum level of income?

    The income depends on your availability, what service you provide and the commission you pay. We take into consideration if the workers follow our training and if the job is done properly. Our scheduling team will help you fill your availability slots as much as possible.
  • 16. How long lasts the initial contract?

    We offer a 5-year Franchise program. At the end of it, you can review it for another 5 years for just $5000.
  • 17. Should I notify you if I want to sell my business? Are there restrictions?

    Yes, you have to coordinate and approve the sale with us first.
  • 18. Are you a member of the Franchise Council of Australia and a professional cleaning association?

    Yes, you can find us on the Franchise Council of Australia website via this link.

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