Fantastic Services is a multi-operational franchise company delivering more than 50 services across Australia under 5 different brands – Fantastic Cleaners, Fantastic Gardeners, Fantastic Removals, Fantastic Pest Control, Fantastic Handyman.

Rune Sovndahl CEO, Co-Founder Curious about entrepreneurship? Rune is the person to learn from. His dedication is making things work, helping people grow & learn. Rune is passionate about innovations, IT, culinary, fishing & sailing.
Anton Skarlatov Founding Director Anton knows how to make a person feel appreciated. He believes great results are possible with hard work & persistence, but also appreciation! What he truly loves is travelling around the world, meeting new cultures.
Radoslav Radev Managing Director Radoslav is a positive and open-minded person. He enjoys living the big city life as much as meditating & doing yoga, staring at nothing but the peaceful sea. His dedication as a Managing director is to help everyone at Fantastic reach their personal & professional goals, while delivering the services people love.
Max Smith Service Director Max is a respectful, reliable, and hardworking person. These are all qualities that are crucial when it comes to being the Service Director at a company like Fantastic Services. Apart from that, Max is always aiming to deliver only the highest quality of work - on time, every time. His hobbies are playing football (and scoring goals!) and going swimming.
Kelly Richards Service Development Analyst An energetic and dedicated person, Kelly loves developing and researching new business opportunities and new services. She is constantly updating her professional skills with never-ending passion for improvement. Her hobbies include DIY projects at home and gourmet cooking.
Tsvetan Velichkov SEO Manager As a search engine optimizer, you need to stay on top of the game, to adapt and learn new skills every day. This is not an issue for Tsvetan, who has a knack for constantly pushing himself and our websites forward. He believes that, in order to become proficient at your job, you need to remember to have fun in the process. His hobbies include movies, games and hiking.
Susan Lane Sales Manager Being a sales manager includes a great amount of pressure and responsibilities. It’s usually hard to work under pressure, but not for Sue. She loves being busy & productive, but also knows how to enjoy her free time - well planned ahead. Sue is into movies and never misses a chance to attend a premiere.
Ivan Sakalov Team Leader of Franchise Consultants The Franchise Consultants dpt. was created so every franchisee can have a personal couch and adviser. Тhe franchise consultants are here to help the franchisees with whatever they need. Ivan is a successful man in his early 30s. He's a good father and he's always trying to keep the balance between the business and his family.
Peter Dolapchiev Franchise Consultant Petar is part of the Franchise consultant Dept. A great asset to the team, after 2 years of Sales experience in the company decided to share his knowledge and experience with our franchisees in order for our business to grow bigger. He is a proud father with a constant sense of humour and his travels around the world got him working with FSG for good.
Aoife O'Tarpaigh Franchise Advisory Council Aoife does daily follow up with the franchisees' work performance. She organises and hosts weekly online personal business meetings. She creates CRM accounts for the franchisees and helps them manage them. Managing the franchise Facebook group. Aoife is the one that records instructional videos and edits official documents & procedures.
Yulian Siderov Australian Office General Manager Yiulian manages day-to-day operational activities. He trains and supervises the staff and makes sure events and conferences run smoothly. He's ensures compliance with licensing laws, health and safety, and other statutory regulations. Yulian is interested in photography and in his spare time he practices muay thai and travels round the world.
Javier Bastardo Blanco Quality Control Manager Javier's goal is to make sure franchisees and team members follow the procedures and keep the standards high. His passion is to travel around the world, learn about new topics and he is passionate about economics and the study of societies. He likes to exercise and watch football. The most important thing in Javier's life is taking care of his family.
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Continents have heard of and have used the brand Fantastic Services


Successful Franchise EXPOs attended


Years in which entrepreneurs are choosing the Fantastic Services franchise opportunity in Australia

100 +

BBQ parties have happened on the rooftop of the office in Melbourne


Branded vans on the streets


Trainings made for the fantastic teams


People working together as one team, even from different parts of the World

Tons of

Great ideas coming from hours of brainstorming

Family Rules

Respect Others

We are all different people, with different lifestyles, backgrounds and personalities. We have turned the team into a family, thanks to the mutual respect we have for each other.

Have Passion

We believe working with passion is crucial when you aim at changing the perception of services in the market by delivering a great product.

Be Positive

Our positive attitude and reliability combined with the attention to details in our daily tasks is what got us where we are today.

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