Start Your Own Handyman Franchise with Fantastic Services

Launch your handyman business with a minimum investment of $4990!

We are currently looking for handyman franchisees in:

Be in Control of Your Handyman Franchise at All Times

Being part of Fantastic Handyman* gets you all the help you need to be successful. You get:

  • Full control over your work hours as well as the areas you or your team will cover
  • Guaranteed booked jobs since day one on the job
  • Ongoing assistance with every aspect of marketing, finance, sales and customer support
  • Strong foothold on the handyman market and brand credibility
  • Useful app which allows you control over your schedule
  • Opportunities to expand your teams of handymen professionals
  • No monthly, annual or per lead fees – Fantastic Services operates on a small commission from the jobs you complete
  • A set of training programmes to ensure your services are up to the Fantastic standard

*Fantastic Handyman is a sub-brand of Fantastic Services

Run a Successful Handyman Business in the Following Fields

Our handyman franchise gives you the 360-degree support your business needs. From the successful marketing, to customer invoicing and support, you can trust our teams of trained experts to deal with all that for you. Be a part of our family and join us in:

How to Get Your Handyman Business Started?

Setting up your handyman franchise with Fantastic Services would require:

  • Practical experience in the field of home maintenance and renovation
  • Proper certification in electrics and plumbing
  • Public Liability insurance as well as a vehicle insurance
  • The necessary equipment and a proper vehicle
  • Good command of English and knowledge of the specific terminology

Want to ask us a question? Get hold of our Business Developed team via our online form.

What You Need to Know About Our Handyman Franchise – FAQs

  • Q:Do I need any tools to start my handyman business?

    A:Yes. In the beginning a basic toolkit would be enough. It includes the following: screwdriver, hammer, pliers, power sanders, measuring tools, adjustable wrench, electrical drill and saw. As you grow your portfolio of services, your toolkit will also expand.

  • Q:How will I go to my bookings?

    A:Having a proper vehicle is one of the requirements for you to start our handyman franchise. If you don't own one, however, we will assist you to find a good deal on leasing or buying.

Fantastic Handyman Franchise

part of Fantastic Services

Fantastic Handyman started off in 2011 as a response to the growing need of professional home maintenance and renovation specialists. Since that time we've grown a lot, expanding our business to four major cities in Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth.

Ever since first starting, the motto of the company has been the same – make life simpler. That's why we do our best, handling all aspects of your business, so you can focus your attention on your clients and their needs.