A Successful Franchise Story – Matt’s Interview

It’s easy for a business to brag online but words only have value if someone can confirm them. The experience of others speaks the loudest. Fantastic Services aims for authenticity and connection with the people we interact with, be it partners, employees or customers. We’re happy to present to you an interview with one of our happy and dedicated franchisees in Australia.

Hello! Can you introduce yourself to everyone watching (and reading)?

Hi, I’m Matt.

How long have you been working with Fantastic Services?

I’ve been working for the past three years now.

How does a day go as a franchisee?

Every day we’ve got new properties, dealing with new customers, having different scenario every time. It’s pretty, I would say, all the time we’re on the move, on the toes, and every day is a new day, new thing coming to you. And no two days are the same. It keeps you going, never getting bored of it.

What do you think of this work?

We’ve done some very special sites as well, like, one of the best locations in Australia to work at. It has the best customers, obviously, to work with.

How did you get started and what did you expect in return?

Well, when I came to Australia at first I was studying then finance. But I learned pretty quickly that the work, any work, which holds more risk and is a bit more laborious, you can say, it has more physical activity – it’s very well paid over here. So, getting into the service sector was the only option. And I thought I would grow a lot faster this way and that’s what exactly happened. So, three years back, I basically started from scratch. Today I’ve got six people to work for me every day, six days a week. I do now more managing stuff. That’s basically what I first envisioned before I joined it and that’s exactly what happened.

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