Set up Your Landscaping Franchise with Fantastic Services Australia

Start getting new clients immediately with the Fantastic landscaping opportunity we offer you. Packages starting from $4990.

We are currently looking for landscapers in:

Start a Successful Landscaping Business

Partner with Fantastic Services and let’s build your landscaping franchise up. We know how to make your business successful, offering you a full and ongoing support as well as a strong network of partners.

By Joining Fantastic Gardeners* You:

  • Get to work for yourself, running a successful landscaping business - financing the franchise packages can be personalised to you.
  • Get to make use of the latest innovations in business, like the BeFantastic app which helps you keep track and manage all your bookings online, in seconds
  • Make up your own working hours, setting an availability for you and your team which we respect
  • Benefit from a adaptable franchise model which also guarantees you return on your initial investment
  • Have strong support of the Fantastic brand which is well-established and has been in business for many years
  • Get booked jobs in your schedule for every day because we focus on sustainable marketing strategies
  • Receive full & ongoing support with all aspects of running a business - from finance and accounting, to sales and customer care, we’ve got it all handle for you
  • Have at your disposal training programmes, developed to boost your portfolio and help you get more regular customers
  • Expand your landscaping business thanks to the franchise model which stimulates and promotes growth
  • Embark on a long term partnership which aims at establishing your landscaping business on the market and making a name for yourself

* Fantastic Gardeners is a branch of Fantastic Services and has been in professional landscaping since 2010.
See what we offer for gardening franchise.

Deliver a Range of In Demand Landscaping Services

Looking forward to setting up your landscaping franchise? Here’s a list of services you can start with:
  • Gravelling
  • Paving
  • Levelling
  • Turfing
  • Lawn Care
  • Exterior planting
  • Artificial grass installation
  • Artificial hedge installation
  • Patio laying
  • Trellis installation
  • Shed installation
  • Decking installation
  • Garden lighting
  • Garden fencing and screening
  • Roof terrace design
  • Resin bound surfacing
  • Water feature installation
  • Irrigation systems
  • Window boxes and planters

What do You Need to Get Your Landscaping Franchise Going?

  • Qualifications in construction as well as experience and certification in landscaping
  • Good communication skills, motivation and fluency in English
  • Be eligible to work in Australia as a registered company or a self-employed individual
  • Appropriate vehicle and a current driving license
  • Landscaping equipment and tools
  • Public Liability insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:Do I get assigned a trading territory?

    A:No. This is an old practice which we find very limiting. For that reason, our landscaping franchise offers you the opportunity of working in an unlimited trading area, subject to your preferences. That is to say, you choose the areas you want to get jobs for.

  • Q:Can I get help with financing my landscaping business?

    A:Yes, absolutely. We can offer you a special franchise payment plan and deals on vehicle and equipment lease.


Name: Natalie Crossley, Landscaping Franchise

What was it that made you buy a landscaping franchise in the first place?

Well, before I joined the ranks of Fantastic Services I was working in landscaping but decided I wanted to be my own boss. What made me choose to be a franchisee, however, was the fact that this way I could get the support and resources of an established brand.

And why did you choose to work with Fantastic Services?

Because I was certain I would get the support I needed to start doing business. And I did. I don’t have to worry about anything - clients, invoicing, I get all of that take care of.