Establish a Profitable Window Cleaning Business with Fantastic Services

Join Fantastic Services and quickly expand your cleaning franchise. The basic packages start from $4990.

We are currently looking for window cleaning franchisees in:

Turn Your Window Cleaning Business into a Profitable Franchise

With years of experience in cleaning, we know how to build a sustainable and successful window cleaning business for you.

Become a franchisee of Fantastic Cleaners* and get:

  • Experts in the field of marketing, sales and finance to develop long-term strategies for building your business up and turning it into a leader in the industry.
  • Access to our internal web programs and platforms that are designed to make our franchisee's work easier.
  • Constant flow of new clients. We keep feeding you booked jobs for as long as you are a Fantastic franchisee.
  • Daily schedule that is tailored to suit your exact needs. Besides picking your working hours yourself, you can choose the areas you want to cover as well.
  • A constant growth of bookings and a complete return of your initial investment in the span of only six months.
  • A business model which is unique for the Australian market and is proven to be exactly what franchisees are looked for.
  • A long list of resources and a strong network of partners that are all at your disposal. That way you can rest assured your business will grow and prosper.
  • The help of a well-established brand that aims at turning your window cleaning franchise into a successful business. We're in it for the long run, so count on us for help with every aspect of your business.

*Fantastic Cleaners belongs to the Fantastic Services family and is in business of delivering cleaning services to customers across Australia.

Check the Job Opportunities Our Window Cleaning Franchise Provide

Choose the Fantastic window cleaning franchise and get your business going in no time. With us you can become a wanted expert in services like:
  • Highrise Window Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Commercial Window Cleaning
  • Conservatory Cleaning
  • Gutter Cleaning*
  • Pressure Washing*
* These are services which require additional equipment

What Does It Take to Become a Fantastic Window Cleaner?

Enthusiasm and passion are two of the key elements that describe our business. That’s why we
always look for people who work with passion and always want to succeed in their job. Here are the other
basic requirements for starting your window cleaning business with us:

  • Window Cleaning Equipment (squeegees, water fed pole, ladder, etc.)
  • Capability to work as a sole trader or a registered company in Australia
  • A driving license and an appropriate vehicle to take you to your appointments
  • Public liability insurance and a vehicle insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:Do I need previous experience to join Fantastic?

    A:No. Previous experience is not a requirement, but but having some will definitely be considered an advantage. You will receive a thorough training and preparation to deliver a truly outstanding window cleaning service thanks to our well-though training programmes.

  • Q:Why should I pick Fantastic Cleaners for my career instead of any other brand?

    A:Because we have years of experience in the field of cleaning. We also know what a new business needs to be successful and really get you that. So trust Fantastic Services and we'll establish your franchise as a leader on the market.


Mitchell Waterhouse, Window cleaning franchisee

Are you happy with Fantastic Services?

Absolutely! I was amazed by the professionalism the company operates with. Having people responsible for every single aspect of running the business really helps. This makes my work so easy, which is also why I can concentrate 100% on my appointments.

Will you recommend our franchise to other people?

Definitely! It’s always a good idea to start with a well-known and established brand. But Fantastic is much more than that. I loved how flexible the business payment is and right from the start I got that family-like feeling which turned out to be true. I get to work with great people and make a Fantastic living for myself