Be a Part of an Established Brand - Reap All Benefits of Oven Cleaning Franchise

Starting a successful business has never been so easy! Buy your oven cleaning franchise package, starting from $4990.

We are currently looking for oven cleaning franchisees in:

Make Your Oven Cleaning Business a Leader on the Market with Our Franchise System

We know how hard working on your own can be. That’s why we have developed a business model which is suitable for everyone who wants to start from the very beginning and secure their future.

Fantastic Cleaners * gets you:

  • Full support with Finance, Sales, Marketing, Advertising and Customer Support. With all that handled, you can now concentrate on delivering a Fantastic oven cleaning to your customers.
  • Access to cutting edge technology, like our internally-developed app, which will help you easily manage all your scheduled appointments online, in seconds.
  • Successful marketing strategies that adapt to all emerging trends and innovations. This will guarantee you a constant flow of new customers each day.
  • A secured weekly turnover and a return on your initial investment in the span of 6 about months.
  • The option to pick your working days and hours.
  • A complete training plan with the latest know-how in business. Once you cover our extensive training course, you will be fully prepared to start working with us.
  • A strong network of partners and resources which will very much improve your work.
  • A partner who's committed to the long-term success of your oven cleaning business.

*Fantastic Cleaners is part of Fantastic Services and delivers commercial and domestic services to clients across Australia.

What Services You Can Provide With Our Oven Cleaning Franchise

By joining Fantastic Services as an oven cleaning franchisee, you will not only be able to provide regular cleaning services but a range of other services, such as:
  • BBQ & Grill Cleaning
  • Oven Cleaning
  • Fridge Cleaning
  • Kitchen Appliances Cleaning
  • Range Cookers Cleaning
  • Hob & Extractor Cleaning
  • Deep Kitchen Cleaning
  • Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

How To Become a Fantastic Oven Cleaning Franchisee?

First and foremost, we’re looking for motivated individuals, ready to learn and deliver truly Fantastic services to all
their clients. Everything else we’ll teach you on the job. Joining the ranks of Fantastic is a subject of you meeting
the following requirements:

  • Being able to work as a registered company in Australia
  • Have a driving license and a vehicle that will be able to fit your equipment
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Professional equipment and cleaning detergents

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:What does the franchise package include?

    A:The franchise package includes absolutely everything, except for the vehicle and equipment you need to work with. However, we will gladly assist you with that, give you quotes and tips which will work best for you and your team.

  • Q:Do I need to take care of the sales & customer support myself?

    A:No, you don’t. We have teams of professionals ready to handle every customer inquiry. That means we'll handle both sales and resolving any customer complaints that may occur.


Lucas Kilburn, Oven Cleaning Franchisee

Do You think Fantastic Services is the right first step for your career?

Yes, of course. I made good research about the company before I started, so I was fully aware of the conditions of the franchise and I truly liked your business model. I wanted to start quickly a business of my own, so I did. I’m absolutely sure that this was the right choice, as I’m fully aware what's going on with my business.

Would you try to invest more time and resources in this business?

Yes. If things keep going that well, I would definitely expand the business even more. I'm planning on hiring more people and starting another oven cleaning team.