Get Your Plumbing Franchise to Success with Fantastic Services

Start a profitable plumbing business of your own with an initial investment of only $4990.

We are currently looking for plumbing franchisee in:

Turn Your Plumbing Business into a Profitable Franchise

With the demand for plumbers on the rise, a strong backing is a must if you want to succeed in the field. A leader in the field, Fantastic Services offers you the support your business needs.

Join Fantastic Handyman* & Take Advantage of:

  • An easy plumbing business set up, thanks to the flexible plumbing packages, starting from $4990.
  • Proven training programmes which will help you expand your portfolio of services and earn new regular clients
  • Scheduled appointments for every day, covering at least 80% of your availability. All booked jobs you’ll get match your skill set and the areas you want to cover.
  • The chance to pick the areas you want to service yourself
  • True business marketing which is focused on sustainable strategies. We aim at constantly sourcing new customers and we take great pride in the success we have.
  • Ongoing support with every single aspect of leading a successful business . You get finance, accounting, marketing, customer relations, etc, all of that handled for you
  • Emergency assistance - whether you need someone to cover an appointment for you, or a piece of machinery broke down and you need it ASAP, you can always count on getting the adequate assistance you require.
  • The latest industry innovations at the tip of your fingers - we’re leaders in the field and provide all our partners the technological solutions to make their job easier and more convenient.
  • Support of true experts, working together towards achieving a single goal - making your plumbing business grow and profit
  • Fantastic’s partnership, committed to developing your business

* Fantastic Handyman is a sub-brand of Fantastic Services. The company provides home renovation and maintenance services to households across Australia.

Plumbing Contractors We Are Looking To Work With

Put your plumbing skills to work and make a Fantastic profit. With a reliable partner by your side, you get the opportunity to work in the competitive, yet lucrative plumbing market. Here’s the list of services we’re looking for:
  • Gas Engineering
  • Hot Water & Cold Water Systems
  • Emergency Drain Services
  • Emergency Plumbing
  • Boilers and Central Heating
  • Bathroom Installation

How to Set up Your Plumbing Franchise with Fantastic Services?

Plumbers are in-demand right now, so if you’re experienced technician, who wants to make a name for himself, you’re welcome on board. The perfect candidates should meet the following requirements:

  • Proper plumbing license, issued by bodies which are recognised by the state of Queensland
  • Practical experience in delivering plumbing services
  • Motivation, good communication skills and knowledge of English
  • Eligibility to work as a registered company
  • Current driving license, a vehicle, and a Public Liability insurance
  • Own plumbing equipment

Get all the help you need to start your plumbing franchise with Fantastic Services. We’re available at any time via the online form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:How can I travel to my plumbing appointments?

    A:Owning a vehicle is a requirement for starting a franchise with us. It should be large enough to fit your tools and equipment. If you don't have a vehicle, we cal lease you or find you a deal on a new or used one.

  • Q:Are there any additional charges or fees to your franchise?

    A:There are no additional charges whatsoever. The franchise fees cover all expenses and we work on a small commission out of the jobs you complete.


Charlie Westwood, Plumbing Franchise

Why did you choose to work with Fantastic Services?

Because Fantastic offered me everything I was looking for and more. The best thing about being a franchisee is the relationship we have with the company. It’s more like we’re business partners and I really feel like I’m working for myself.

What would you say to prospect plumbing franchisees?

Buy the franchise right now! I mean it. You’ll get all the help with setting up your business and the franchise payment plan is really flexible. For me personally, this is the best investment I’ve made.